Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon CD-I video game dialogue transcription

Names taken from: http://www.zeldawiki.org/Characters_in_Zelda:_The_Wand_of_Gamelon

The King Harkinan: Zelda, Duke Onlked is under attack by the evil forces of Ganon. I'm going to Gamelon [gamɛlɒn] to aid him.
Zelda: But, father. What is something happens to you?
K: I'll take the Triforce of Courage to protect me. If you don't hear from me in a month, send Link.
Z: Impa! [ɪmpæ]
Impa: Don't worry, Zelda. The Triforce of Wisdom promises the King will safely return.
K: Enough! My ship sails in the morning. I wonder what's for dinner?
L: Oh boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an Octorok [ɒktoɹɒk].
[One month later]
Z: A whole month gone. And, still no word.
I: I'm certain he's all right.
L: Yeah! That old Ganon is no match for the King!
Z: Link, go to Gamelon and find my father.
L: Great! I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos!
[Later still]
Z: Wake up, Impa. We're going to Gamelon.
I: Alright, dear. I'll get the Triforce of Wisdom.

Ushrom: 'Course I'm on your side, but, I still have to sell this stuff. Just pick what you want. I'll handle the rubies!

Ushrom: Sorry, Zelda. Not enough rubies. You'll have to wipe out more Gorias [ɡoɹia̩s] to get that.

Knitting woman: Everyone ran when the Gleeok [ɡliɒk] came. But, monsters are no better than bothering me. Here's a shroud that scares the wraps of Gibdo [ɡɪpdoʊ].

Fairy Dust Lady: Hello deary! Oh, just a minute. [Awful ascending, then descending, square wave tones.] Isn't it lovely? Bring me some fairy dust and I'll make it a magic cloak.

Hungry Girl: Oh, darn, Moblins [moɡwɪn] have eaten everything. I've give anything for an Arpagos Egg [ɑɹpɛɡoʊ steɪk].

Water Lady: Nice job at over at the Gohma Pit. Here, have a drink.
Zelda: Thanks.
WL: Hey, there's a fisherman trapped in the fish head.
Zelda: Really?

Fisherman: Thanks. You saved me. That's the last time I'm going fishing. See you in Sakado.

Fisherman: Look. I got a new job. Hey, bring a heat crystal. I'll fix up your sword.

Gibdo: For the dead shall rise. And the living shall be their slaves. She must be stopped.

Gibdo: The shroud! It's cold. Ah!

Hungry Girl: This will make a great omelet. Here.
Zelda: [Plays recorder] Thanks.

Swamp Wizard: Hmm. Aren't you a might puny to go up against Ganon?
Zelda: I'll do alright.
SW: That's the spirit. Bring some [hɛmju spɒr] if you want a bit more punch.

Swamp Wizard: You're back. Now give me your glove.
Zelda: Hey!
SW: Hee, hee, hee. Don't worry. Here.
Z: A power glove. Great!

Witch 1: We have frozen the fountain of life.
Witch 2: Oh, that was good! We have made evil.
Witch 3: Let's bring the darkness down.

Witch 1: Oh, our lovely evil. Ruined! No! Ah!

Fairy 1: We're free.
Fairy 2: You saved us.
Fairy 3: Here's a Life Heart.
Fairy 1: And some Fairy Dust.
All: Have some Water of Life.

Fairy Dust Lady: Oh, rude! There. Now you can sneak up and give a monster a good shot before he sees you.

Forest women: Greetings, Princess Zelda. Do you have any Arbagos feathers? [hm hɪm hm hm] Good. Then, let us make a cape from your shroud. Here. I must be off.

Impa: Oh, my! It look's like everyone has been taken to [taɪtoʊɡɪ] tower.

Mayor Kravindish: This is illegal, you know.

Baker: My cakes will burn!

Baker: Come on! Hurry! It's awful. Mayor Kravindish has been chained in the tower—oh, my cakes! Come see me in [sɪkædoʊ].

Iron Knuckle: You dare defy me? You will die.
Zelda: Guess again, Iron Knuckle.

Armos 1: He's dead.
Armos 2: Let's get out of here.

Mayor kravindish: Oh, the indignity. Please, your highness. Would you kindly cut the chains that bind me. Ouch! Thank you, princess. I managed to conceal this magic lantern. I hope it can be of use.

Baker: Your friend, Link, could eat ten of these.
Zelda: Heh. At least.
B: Ha. The Arpagos will die for them.

Fisherman: Let's see. That ought to do it. Works pretty good.

Zelda: Do you see anything?
Impa: Yes, oh my! Your father has been captured.
Z: What about Link?
I: He's been in a terrible fight. I can't what had happened.

Impa: Oh dear! Wizzrobe has captured Lady Alma.

Lady Alma: I'm not afraid of you.
Wizzrobe: Ha! Then wait here 'till you are.

Wizzrobe: Not the disintegration spell! No!

Lady Alma: Link told me about you.
Zelda: You? Know Link?
LA: Sure. He gave me his canteen for a kiss.
Z: You kissed him?
LA: Here. It's empty anyway.

Impa: Look how your father was captured.
Ganon: You are my prisoner.
Fari: Hey!
Ganon: Silence! Hectan, keep the runt in chains.
Hectan: Yes, master.

Impa: Hectan is dangerous.
Hectan: Ready? Am i here? Or here? Or here? Ha, ha, ha. Next.

Hectan: You've killed me!
Zelda: Good.

Fari: Duke Onkled betrayed the king.
Zelda: I know.
F: Strike the head of the portrait to enter Duke Onkled's chamber.

Duke Onkled: Don't hurt me, Zelda. I'll tell you the secret way to [hisɒn]'s palace.
Zelda: You better talk fast.
DO: Go all the way left and move the rock . This key opens the gate.
Fari: I'll make sure he doesn't get away.

Forrest Women: This light will penetrate the dark around Ganon. But, only the wand will defeat him .Good luck!

Impa: Oh dear. Omfak is guarding the shrine.
Omfak: Whatever I see, I shall devour. Mmm.

[Omfak explodes into crows despite being lupine-like humanoid]
Zelda: Got him!

Impa: It's too dark to see Ganon, but, the Triforce says, “You can only win by falling.” I wonder what that means.

Ganon: You dare bring light into my lair? You must die!

Ganon: The chains! No! You havn't seen the last of me!

Zelda: Father!
King: You saved me!
Fari: Here's the traitor, your majesty.
Duke Onklet: Please, your omnipotence, have mercy!
K: After you scrubbed all the floors in Hyrule, then, you can talk about mercy. Take him away!
F: Yes, my liege.
Z: I wonder what happened to Link.
Lady Alma: Oh, he was a bore anyway.
Z: Stop looking at yourself.
Link: What happened?
Z: Heh, heh. Nothing, Link. We were just about to have a feast.
L: Great!
K: Oh, haw, haw, haw, haw!

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