Quality Projects

Projects that are production quality.

Huh? HTTP?

An evil web server.


A dog pulling a box via a harness.

Wget-compatible web downloader and crawler.


Tool and library for handling Web ARChive (WARC) files.

Kitabyte Font Face

Kitabyte font specimen

A font face inspired by old video games.


Compfacts icon

Computer Facts Generator and Twitter Posting Bot

It uses a context-free grammar to generate interesting computer facts. Follow @CompFacts today for interesting computer facts!

Miscellaneous Projects

Experimental, incomplete, abandoned, or finished projects.

scanner stepper

Play music with a scanner stepper motor.

FURLAT: Find URL Archiving Tool

Furlat is a tool and library that discovers URL shortcodes generated by URL shorteners.

Recursive Deep Archive Iterator

A Python module to print text files from deeply nested compressed archives recursively.


Python Middleware and Utilities


Some code that my website uses. Superceeded by PyWheel.


Wide Availability Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Bytestag is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing system that uses a distributed hash table (DHT) to achieve wide availability of files. Unlike the BitTorrent protocol, files are published entirely via DHT and do not require trackers or swarming. Each computer donates disk space and bandwidth for caching of published values.

Tornado fork

A fork of Tornado which supports general purpose MVC framework use. Superceeded by PyWheel.

Photon Vault

Photon Vault is a simple web-based photo manager for your home's LAN. Use Photon Vault to keep your photos organized on a single computer.

YouTube Data Statistics Crawler

An experiment to see the size of YouTube. Conclusion: It's bigger than I thought.

Historical stats pages

xkcd Geocities mirror

A working archive of xkcd's tribute to the closure of Geocities


Pac-Man text art in database format

Pacman 1982

A tweaked version to run on Ubuntu. Technically, it's not my project, but I'm putting it here for now.

TrendMicro file updater

A file updater written for a friend.

His subscription expired so I wrote this awkward utility to manually update the definition files. Of course, it was before free antivirus was popular.

This was written before I learned object oriented programming. (Oh how things have changed!)

School Projects

To be listed.